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The Actor Who Went Off on Harvey Weinstein at an NYC Bar Speaks Out

On Wednesday night, disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was publicly confronted by actor Zoe Stuckless at an event held in Downtime, an NYC bar.

“Extra’s” Billy Bush spoke with Stuckless, who explained what prompted them to call Weinstein out.


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8 thoughts on “The Actor Who Went Off on Harvey Weinstein at an NYC Bar Speaks Out

  1. throw that bitch out!!!! she know’s nothing! innocent until proven guilty. wow, what a psycho bitch from hell. that was not called for.

  2. Hes going to get raped or hopefully murdered in prison.. he should get used to it. rude behaviors?… ya his behaviors are angelic. Narcissist.

  3. This women is pathetic and her theatrics weren’t completely uncalled for. She was doing this because she felt compassion for the alleged victims , she’s was doing this for attention and publicity(exactly why she’s doing the interview) White women have been playing victims for centuries including lying about rape.

  4. The fact that Weinstein still has any women sitting with him is disturbing to me;he is repulsing,who cares if he has connections & money;he is a dangerous deviant who preys on the innocence of girls & women!

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