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The $900 “MacBook” – Buy at Your Own Risk!

My review of the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro. Probably the best laptop you can buy for $900 if you’re brave!
Available Here –
Coupon Code: MCA30

The Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro is a great option for people on a tighter budget. It’s a powerful but inexpensive laptop for students in highschool or college. It can handle light games and is a strong performer for multi-core applications. But customer support will likely be an issue if things go wrong.

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31 thoughts on “The $900 “MacBook” – Buy at Your Own Risk!

  1. This thing has kick ass hardware for the price and very good thermal management for a kaby-lake R laptop, but don't expect great customer support. Thanks for watching!

  2. The big issue is not really applicable to me. It's an issue for Dave as he live in the US. I live in a country where Xiaomi officially operates.
    Their staff is friendly enough. I understand that they can't replace the battery from my Grey market phone that I bought before they officially started selling.

  3. Truth be told. This is a fucked-up laptop. In less than a year, the keyboard starts malfunctioning. The battery life barely clocks 2 and a half hours as they keep lying that it has good battery life. No one should buy this laptop, especially at this price range. It should not be even woth more than 500$. Feel I wasted my money importing this Chinese sh*t.

  4. Customer support sounds like apple in Mexico, it´s impossible to get something repaired , unless you are willing to pay (a lot).

  5. Trying to learn some new skills for your new Laptop? Skillshare is a great platform to learn how to use professional software like Photoshop. Get your free 2 months now by using my link! For every person who signs up using this link ( ) i get a free month and im trying to currently learn a couple skills. Thank you in advanced!

  6. *LOW COST* Original Xiaomi Ruby 15.6 Inch Laptop Intel I5-8250H 8GB DDR4 128GB SSD 1TB HDD

  7. Hi Guys! The strongest version is on sale right now! Price only : 993€!! Use the BGXM850U for additional 207 € cut off! Link:

  8. Hi Dave, I read the title in Ducht and description as well. Is that some google translation or are you multi lingual. :-). Beste Groet, Meik

  9. I've had mines for 9 months now with no issues thankfully. I'm happy I purchased it although I wish I would have went for the bigger RAM option. It's still a great laptop and I'm happy to own it

  10. Почему название видео на русском? канал вроде на английском 🙂 это ютуб переводит или Дэйв? im confused

  11. Your comment at the end, no its not expected for the price that you should have to suffer that kind of poor customer service if dies.

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