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The 8 Essential Bar Chord Shapes – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

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How to play 8 of the most essential bar or barre chord shapes on the guitar! In this easy beginner lesson, I’ll demonstrates how different types of E and A chords can be converted into barred shapes. You’ll discover how to play the major, minor, dominant 7, and minor 7 barred shapes rooted on the E and A strings. Let’s get started.
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21 thoughts on “The 8 Essential Bar Chord Shapes – Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson

  1. Brilliant, really informative and in a manner which I understood. For the first time I understood where the name of the chord comes from! Thank you so much

  2. beginners can't do barre chords man it takes hours of practice, u should mention this so they don't feel bad when they can't get it, it's more like a late beginner lesson, my friennds who are just beginning can hardly get a G chord

  3. Can anyone tell me how to do the ring finger bar of that D major chord (5:45) without barring the 1st string as well? Whenever I try barring with my ring finger there I have no trouble pressing down the 2nd, 3rd and 4th strings but I also end up pressing down on the 1st string with my ring finger.

  4. There is no where to click for the "learn the basics"… Should've also put it in your links in the description.

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