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TENDRE – hanashi(Music Bar Session)

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・Spincoaster 2nd Channel

Director:Jun Hanamoto-Hearn
Video director : Kateb Habib
2nd Camera Operator:Christopher Nicholls
Editor:Jun Hanamoto-Hearn
Rec:Terunobu Suzuki
Mix&Mastering Engineer : Keisuke Mukai (Setagaya Rec Studio)
Producer : RINJUN (Spincoaster)

Location : Spincoaster Music Bar(
Curated by Spincoaster(


With the goal of “Creating A New Music Scene”, TOKYO SOUNDS is a new developed concept of domestic & foreign music media company Spincoaster, along with art direction and design company MIRROR.

Utilizing the network, music and media capabilities of both Spincoaster & MIRROR,
TOKYO SOUNDS has the three following functions:

①Creative Production – Creating original content such as music, video and artwork.
②Media Promotion – Utilizing Spincoaster’s web media, YouTube channel and instagram to promote music.
③Agency – Provide support to expand the range of activities of artists and creators.

【Application Form】
To apply for songs you want to promote click the link below:

Creators & Dancers interested in ‘Music Bar Session” or “Dance Session”
CG Production Creators interested in “Moving Jacket” click the link below:

【Recruiting Company】


・ALL PLAY of Music Bar Session

・ALL PLAY of Moving Jacket

・ALL PLAY of Dance Session


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