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Tapas Crawl on Madrid’s Famous Calle de Ponzano (5 Bars)

Ever heard of Calle Ponzano? It’s a famous tapas street in Madrid that tourists don’t really know about. Yoly and I hit 5 tapas bars – a mix of modern and traditional – along this famous strip. Octopus, scallops, bravas, rare tuna, craft beer, tapas so modern they use a blowtorch in front of you. It’s all here. So venga, let’s go!

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Calle de Ponzano is really easy to get to. It’s only a few Metro stops north of the centre. Head for Metro stops Iglesia or Alonso Cano. If you look on Google Maps ( you’ll see that most of the bars are between Calle Rio Rosas to the north, and the start of the street about 4 blocks south. It gets really busy on weekends and evenings. We were there on a Wednesday at lunchtime which is when it’s quieter.

Here are the places we went to, and the address, and what we ordered

1. El Doble
Old school beer and seafood bar – true Madrid! There are two on the street – we went to the original at this address:
We ordered:
Media ración of boquerones en vinagre: €7
Ventresca salad with tomatoes: €15

1. El Doble
Old school beer and seafood bar – true Madrid! There are two on the street – we went to the original at this address:
We ordered:
Media ración of boquerones en vinagre: €7
Ventresca salad with tomatoes: €15

2. Sala de Despiece
Modern tapas bar/restaurant where they create imaginative and delicious dishes from fantastic raw ingredients, and with a little bit of a show too. The bar is first-come, first-served – so get early to get in line. Or you can reserve online ( for their seated area alongside the bar (there is a €35 minimum food spend for reservations).
We ordered:
Rolex: €6.50
Chuletón Zenital: €9.00
Beetroot dish which was off menu: €7
Korean Truffle: €14

3. Fide
Another famous traditional bar, with a particular focus on seafood. There are also two of these in the street, and we went to the original here:
We ordered:
Zamburiñas (scallops): €12
Pulpo a la gallega (Galician-style octopus): €18

4. Sainete
A craft beer bar with 18 taps, including some beers from Madrid. The food is modern, but still rib-sticking.
We ordered:
Beermouth: €4.50
Nomada Passiflora Sour: €2.80
Brioche de Tartare: €8.00
Patatas Bravas: €6.50

5. DeAtún
A modern tapas bar and restaurant with a focus on tuna, especially the almadraba variety, which is fished off the coast of southern Spain and is very rare and very high quality (85% of the catch goes straight to Japan).
We ordered:
Tuna with wakame sand = €19 “For 6 of them”
Tuna with asparagus = €19 “For 6 of them”
Tuna taco in a shiso leaf = €22 “For 4 of them”
Taco DeAtún con Chimichurri = €6.50
Taquitos DeAtún confitados con huevos de cordoniz y trufa de verano = €6.50


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25 thoughts on “Tapas Crawl on Madrid’s Famous Calle de Ponzano (5 Bars)

  1. Peeerfect!.. I wanted the Spanish vibe with the communication also included!.. loved this video and need to get some tapas today!..

  2. I see there are Costco membership stores in Spain. Are they popular among the residents or are they strictly for foreigners? Thanks!

  3. I like, how you explain what's in each dish. That's something, a foreign visitor to tapas bars wants to know. At least, I do. The names of the dishes don't usually tell you much, the more so, if you don't speak Spanish.

  4. We will be in Madrid in January. Any advice on where to and not to stay? We plan on staying near the city center. We want to experience the small towns and villages outside of the big city also. Any advice would be truly appreciated! Great videos!!!

  5. Next time in Madrid will browse the offerings. nice to see the "newer' tapas. Oh and have a great time in Orlando, look forward to the trip report.

  6. LOOOOOOVE Ponzano… 😀 for the friendly people, the food,… and (a bit of topic,) my favourite trailrunning shop used to be there + the Suunto repairservice too. You've got to do some sports after all that eating, no?! 😉

  7. Made the wrong choice to watch this just after 10:30pm!! Ya tengo mucha hambre!! Another great video, love them! Saludos desde Escocia!

  8. I really enjoy watching u guys. Just wanna visit Madrid and eat all tapas and bocadillos available on that street. BTW, can u guys do a live Q&A?

  9. Wow, when I started watching you earlier this year, i think you were at 6k subscribers, now you're over 5k! Congrats!!!! 😁👍🎈🎈🎈 totally well deserved. Love your vids and you and Yoly are the best.

  10. Gracias James por salir de. Los barrios clásicos, una sugerencia dedicar algún programa a lugares con cocina tradicional de países latinoamericanos, los gay muy buenos. El mercado de Maravillas es un buen lugar.

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