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Tango with Lions ~ In a Bar

” Tango with Lions are the project of singer/song-writer Kat, and were originally conceived in 2006 after the musical dressing of diaries, photos and book-reading influences. A band was officially formed during a summer-time jam in 2007, in a beach house with former members Johniethin and Dana. Johnniethin’s blues-folk guitar playing and harmonica style, met cellist Stavros’ confident melodies and Dana’s delicate clarinet sound to complete what the debut album “Verba Time” represents. Since the recording sessions during 2009-2010 with producer Ottomo at Fab Liquid Studios, the line up has changed, with Yannos now playing guitars and the appearance of drums. Tango with Lions is seen as a collective of day-dreamers, hard-workers and music-lovers. The album “Verba Time” got released by InnerEar Records on June 21st, 2010 and was warmly welcomed by critics and audience. Tango with Lions are currently giving concerts along with preparing new songs.”

Kat- voice, piano, guitars, harp, bass
Yannos- guitars, vocals
Stavros- cello, mandolin
Nikos V.- drums, percussion, vocals
Jimmy Star – trompone

Former members and guest appearances:
Dana- clarinet, vocals
Christopher- drums, percussion
Stefanos Hit – drums, percussion
Kostas Vavousis – bass
Serafeim Giannakopoulos – drums, percussion
Johniethin- guitars, vocals, harmonica
Elsa- cello
Dennis- guitars
Manos- harmonica

Taken from their debut album ” Verba Time” (2010). For any further information please visit:

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40 thoughts on “Tango with Lions ~ In a Bar

  1. Sabe quando vc não sabe se é real ou pura fantasia.
    Eu não sei mesmo!
    Estou em conflito com palavras reais que recebi e com letras de músicas.
    Em sã consciência o que levaria em conta como verdade?
    O áudio!

  2. Eu quero conhecer um amigo
    Em um bar a noite
    A noite é longa
    Tão longa que eu dificilmente me movo
    Uma lata na mão
    Uma imagem em minha mente
    Uma voz que eu preciso ouvir
    Um riso que eu preciso mostrar
    Estamos sozinhos, meu bem
    Em um bote, novamente
    Eu preciso ver um amigo hoje à noite
    Ou ver as pessoas em um bar
    Eu gostaria que eles não pudessem me ver nenhum pouco
    Como eu gostaria de descrever a dor deles
    Ou minha dor
    A luz mística, o coro de fumaça
    O cheiro de madeira, a pose, a piada
    O pequeno mundo sujo interior
    Que precisa sair
    Precisa sair
    Eu quero conhecer um amigo
    Em um bar a noite
    A noite é longa
    Se eu tivesse essa força
    Para ver essas pessoas
    Todos tão solitárias como eu
    Todos tão solitários
    Todos tão solitários como eu

  3. For my N l' N
    The evening is long
    So long I hardly move
    A picture in my mind
    A voice I need to hear,
    We're lonely, babe
    In a boat, again…

  4. the soul burns upon the empty face as the fresh torn worn winds wet razor on. there is pain and then there is suffering. there is alone and then there is solitude. you know you are in for a count of dead spaces when a cello bridges the break. when wood winds line the distant gray boil of the clouds. when houses crab walk along and along the edge of empty forlorn things. when the leaves drip and drip like children eyes in the holocaust camps; within and without. a soulful song. a dirge of reprisal. a lament of loss and swelling ample need. we count the countless seconds and the fans hum and mumble an off hand disapproval for all we don't do; again and again. great song. greatly done. who ever you are Kat, well done. well done.

  5. Şarkıyı biraz önce bir arkadaşım sayesinde buldum ve sanırım hayatım boyunca aradığım ruh ikizimi de buldum. Bunu belki kimse görmeyecek veya görüp de anlayamayacak ama yine de bu müthiş duyguları yaşarken bu şarkıyı dinlediğim için mutluyum

  6. when I found this song it had about 2,000 views, now its 33 million. Most of them are mine! Tango with Lions great name for a band and a book.

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