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Tabu’s Cabrea Queen (Chandini Bar) 2001 Tamil Full Movie

Watch National award Winning Movie Cabrea Queen (காப்ரிய குஈன்) Full Length Film 1080P HD

Cast & Crew –
Directed by Madhur Bhandarkar
Produced by Lata Mohan
Written by Mohan Azaad (screenplay & dialogues)
Masud Mirza (dialogues)
Starring Tabu,Atul Kulkarni,Rajpal Yadav,Ananya Khare,Vishal Thakkar,Minakshi Sahani
Music by Raju Singh

Synopsis –
Tabu as Mumtaz. A girl who migrates to Bombay after communal violence in her Uttar Pradesh village kills her parents. Mumtaz’s only relative, her uncle, accompanies her to the city and asks her to work at a dance bar till he gets a decent job.That never happens. He takes to the bottle. Mumtaz finds herself being sucked into a world from which there is no escape. Worse, he rapes Mumtaz in a fit of drunken stupor.Fate gives her another chance in the form of Pothya (a competent Atul Kulkarni), a hotheaded underworld character. He kills her uncle and marries Mumtaz. In course of time, they have a boy and a girl. Then, Pothya gets killed in a police encounter and Mumtaz, ridiculed by her husband’s one-time friends and allies, is forced to join Chandni Bar again to make a living.Cut to the late Nineties. The children are grown up. A not-so-youthful Mumtaz becomes a waitress in the bar. Her only hope is to see her children get a decent education and move on to respectable professions.But her dreams are shattered once again when, one day, her son is caught for a crime he hasn’t committed. Tabu in Chandni Bar
What happens next is better seen than read.


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