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Tabata Bodyweight Wod Workout for Beginners

Todays wednesday workout is Tabata Bodyweight Wod. This is a great tabata workout for beginners who are want to try bodyweight tabata workouts.

This isn’t just any standard tabata workout though. It has an isometric twist to it.
This is a tabata for weight loss routine that can be done at home, the park or anywhere.

Big T’s Fitness Tabata Workout:

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6 thoughts on “Tabata Bodyweight Wod Workout for Beginners

  1. iso hold push ups and Marvel in the background?? I like your style. You better respect this man. Good stuff brother!

  2. Killer high intensity workout Dan! The only movement I would avoid here is the flutter kick, which works primarily the hip flexors, the muscles that raise the legs, and I have found that this puts a high degree of strain/stress on the lower back unnecessarily. Many people, including myself years ago, believe that leg raising movements like the flutter kick work the abdominal musculature, but such is not the case – the abdominals close the distance between the lower rib cage and the pubic bone, and with the flutter kick or any lying leg raise, the abs are held in a static position, thus not being functionally exercised according to their design. I am on board with all the rest of the movements you demonstrated, and can attest that this workout will leave a trainee breathless for a while!

  3. I'll have to try this….but I may have to add a liitle bit extra rest time… I'm an old man. My ticker can't take that !!!

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