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SUM 41 – Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

SUM 41 play their heavy-metal tinged pop-punk hits to a packed, tiny dive bar of passionate fans in Kerrang!’s Brooklyn K! Pit.

Sum 41’s new album, Order In Decline, is out July 19th via Hopeless Records.

0:05 Motivation
4:14 The Hell Song
8:28 King Of Contradiction
10:32 Summer
14:20 Out For Blood
18:36 Fat Lip
21:59 In Too Deep
25:45 Still Waiting

Producer: Cat Jones
Camera: Frank Huang, Rob Menzer, Julian Rivera
Edit: Frank Huang
Live sound: Jeff Filmer
Mix: Will Putney and Geo Hewitt @ Graphic Nature Audio

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25 thoughts on “SUM 41 – Live In The K! Pit (Tiny Dive Bar Show)

  1. And suddenly its 2002….Dc shoes on my feet, game boy advance in my pocket, sony walkman in the backpack and a element skateboard. I miss my childhood.

  2. Просто охереренный лайв! Респект звукачам. Кстати-у Зуммо интересная раскраска ударки. OBEY, все дела

  3. So many great bands who have had a show on Live In The K! Pit …. then there's this bullshit band of half a tards. Excuse me while I delete this from any further suggestions.

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