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Sudoku Solving Tip – X Wing Technique

39 thoughts on “Sudoku Solving Tip – X Wing Technique

  1. Thank you so much! This was really helpful! Other videos I've seen about x-wings didn't make as much sense as this video did! 🙂

  2. new to sudoku…what happens when there are more than one same candidate in the four boxes? Does this apply only if one same candidate appears in the four boxes?

  3. I don't really understand why you allow repeated numbers in columns but don't allow them in rows. If you rotate the grid by 90° now you cannot apply this rule anymore

  4. Hi, I have a little confusion. in column 3 and 7, there are 4 opposite "7"s with no other "7"s in the columns – this should signify an X-wing, no?

  5. sudoku is nothing but a guessing game. none of these techniques work. Im more confused by your assumption of your placement of the 8.

  6. Example #3 IS an X-Wing. They are the only 7's in their respective columns. X-Wings aren't only checked by rows.

  7. Guys I have started my Sudoku Class channel two days back..pls subscribe to that and share ur feedback..i will definately work on it😊

  8. Well done!
    I never saw a better explanation than this one. Also good examples, good pictures and a good siow and easy-to-understand speech – even for Non-English people.
    Thank you!

  9. You can balance the large cube which totals to 45 by each columns and each rows. This will total to 405 either way. But the codition that each of small sqauares contain figures from 1 to 9 was not met. Again you will see repitations of more than one figure in columns. In case you change it just one figure the same error appears again. But when you make it again the total of columns and rows would be 405.

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