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Strut Bar Install – Acura Integra

How to install strut bars. Strut tower bar installation. A strut bar, or tower bar, connects the top strut towers together, in order to increase the rigidity of a vehicle by allowing both strut towers to react to compression and tensile forces. A strut bar plays a larger role for MacPherson strut vehicles, however it can still be important in vehicles with double wishbones as well for compensating vertical forces. This particular installation is for a 1999 Acura Integra GS. Torque values will be car specific – look up your torque values for your car’s strut flange nuts before installing.

Strut Bars – Explained:

Check out the strut bars from this video at:
Front Strut:
Rear Strut:

You may also want to know more about the suspension types discussed in this video.
MacPherson Strut:
Double Wishbone Suspension:


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31 thoughts on “Strut Bar Install – Acura Integra

  1. So a 93 del sol….mugen front anf rear tower bars will work on a 99 teggy? WhT about front and rear shocks? I have a set of skunk2 sports, i cant tell if they r coilivers ir not, iy deff looks like u cab adjust them tho but i dont have the tool….what about dc headers off of the motor, is a d16y1?

  2. How can you just install it under the hood of your car and in your trunk like that? I'm watching videos of my VW Jetta sway bar install and it looks like they're all going under the car as if it's a strut bar for the chassis

  3. im not sure if you are still doing the project integra but if you are i was wondering if you could do a video on sway bars, ive heard of sway bars and of strut bars but im not sure if there is a difference

  4. Are we saying the design of the strut tower of the car (welded to the car frame) is not rigid enough to handle the load applied of a hard turn? Why would you need a strut bar when the struct it connect to the frame itself. It the strut is independent of the structure frame I can see the affect of applied load to both side. In the system you showing in this video, the strut tower connected to body frame is as rigid as it can get. I must be missing something.. This video is over two year, I don't expect any reply..

  5. That is a horrible strut bar. The point of a strut bar obviously is to give your chassis a more rigid feel. You have an adjustable bar and the mounting brackets are very thin, those will flex just as much as the chassis will. You need a good quality NAME BRAND. I say name brand not because they're expensive but because they make quality products that's why they are known. Dont get adjustable ones if you don't need to they allow to much flex and not enough rigidity. Engineering explained should know this kind of stuff before he posts videos trying to teach people about them.

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