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Streamers React & USE *NEW* “UZI SMG” GUN in Fortnite (Gameplay)

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In this video you will see: search skin bar, grenades nerfed, new search skin, new update fortnite, fortnite update, streamers react to fortnite update, patch notes fortnite, how to get renegade raider, renegade raider skin, streamers using search bar skin, search tool fortnite, search locker

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47 thoughts on “Streamers USE *NEW* “SEARCH SKIN BAR” & GRENADES *NERFED* in Fortnite

  1. Hey if u see this comment plz help me get to 100 subs i am really trying to grind for it and i upload weekly fortnite montage. (Some say im underrated)

  2. I wish Epic would make this Search bar in the Item Shop so i can buy
    What skin i like instead of waiting 1-2 Months for it to come back.

  3. I think i dont need the search bar because i only have 35 skin…BUT I NEED TITLED TOWER BACK BECAUSE ITS MY FAVOURITE PLACE…Like if agree with

  4. Tfue:controller players have now brains 20 shield gets taken away what's wrong with controller players what an idiot😒😒

  5. Who else clicked really quickly and is a true fan?😂

    But I’m Śüßßing to ëvèryone who lįkėś and šùßs to me! 💯

  6. Why tf does everybody think controller players are irrelevant, they’re not, u just have trash aim now stop whining. This is towards tfue.

  7. 0:41 if you look in slow motion hamlinz got hit by the shotgun but didnt take any damage, its true epic is giving streamers an advantage

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