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Steven Universe | Top Gem Fusions | Cartoon Network

Here are the top Gem Fusions! Which one is your favorite?

To fuse, Gems must be in perfect sync mentally, physically, and emotionally. When Gems fuse, their bodies and minds become one. The abilities of Gem fusions vary based on the two Gems who fuse. They may wield the same weapons, or their weapons may be combined into a singular weapon.

Fusions: Obsidian, Sunstone , Smokey Quartz, Rainbow Quartz, Garnet, Stevonnie, Sardonyx, Opal, Sugilite, Alexandrite, Malachite, and Rainbow Quartz.


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41 thoughts on “Steven Universe | Top Gem Fusions | Cartoon Network

  1. I want to see

    Steven + Sapphire
    Steven + Ruby
    Steven + Pearl + Garnet
    Steven + Amethyst + Pearl
    Steven + Garnet + Amethyst
    Lapis + Peridot
    Lapis + Bismuth
    Lapis + Peridot + Bismuth
    Lapis + Steven
    Lapis + Pearl

    All i want to see so far.

  2. 2:28
    I don’t feel like Malachite should have been on this list…
    She was a fusion,true,but not a good one…

  3. Sardonix is weird asf like when I first saw her I was like WUUUUUUUT IS THAT VOICE

  4. Stevonnie:*deep inhale* im a fusion
    Stevonnie:just laughing
    Me:oh ;-;

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