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Steven Seagal bar fight scene

28 thoughts on “Steven Seagal bar fight scene

  1. Dumb as they come. In real life, Seagull would have been shot about 2 seconds in….Yeah, "natives." Seagull is a native of Bullshittia

  2. I can change my essence by buying new cologne.
    He should've said 'what does it take to change the essence of a man's soul'. That would've made more sense to me anyway.

  3. how about making a movie where steven seagal actually gets his ass kicked in one fucking movie naah not realistic

  4. I think I have some glimmer man that many times its in my dvd player know but youtube if get some more steven seagal moves I'd be interested in them if I don't have them get some good movies like steven seagal that is what you need my regards matthew Rendle

  5. One of my favorites actors always watched him but run out of his great movies I gees I will have to buy some more thanks steven seagal for your great movies

  6. I'm not a huge fan of his but anyone think Steven is fake he is the only westerner allowed to open a DoJo in Japan!!

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