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Star Citizen Leaks NEW Melee Keys FINE TERMINALS Bar Menu EXPO LOCATION & Green Armistice Zone!

New melee keys, fine terminals, grenades, eyewear, the location of the expo, green armistice zones, bar menus, and oh so much more! As we get drenched in the leaks… wait that didn’t sound right. If you appreciate my content and want continued content on the channel, please take time to consider becoming a Patron. Thank you! Links below:


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20 thoughts on “Star Citizen Leaks NEW Melee Keys FINE TERMINALS Bar Menu EXPO LOCATION & Green Armistice Zone!

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  2. Prediction/guess
    Over the next 12 months, Inject the Stanton system with as many gameplay loops as possible. Add OCS, persistence, Volcan API and you have a viable beta/launch game to generate income.

    Thoughts welcome?

  3. They gotta know that everything they put in the game files will be found. So it's likely expected, if not planned.

  4. Fight Club DG wants more variety of grenades in game because he's the SC bomb-diggetty Batman equivalent. Great video as always. I love hearing positive SC leaks when possible.

  5. Hahahahaha Thats true, i had forgotten about that martial art part. I remember back in the early days when there was 10 for the chaiman where cris explaine he would like some kind of martial arts include in the game. nI hope to see some kung fu!

  6. Haha, at least I'm not the only one wondering if CIG helps put these leaks out. Probably not, but always looking for the angles. My overly suspicious mind has also wondered if CIG is behind ship sales on reddit… good way to lock people in since ships received as "gifts" cannot be re-gifted / sold.

  7. If you have a 300i ($55), then you pay for customizations ($5). Then you CCU it lets say to a Gladius ($90) Do you get the customization value and CCU for $30? Does it automatically melt the customization? Or are you just out $5?

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