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Squat Daily – Why I Love SAFETY-BAR Squats!

This is what leg day looks like when you squat daily!

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Squat Daily – Why I love SAFETY-BAR Squats!

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8 thoughts on “Squat Daily – Why I Love SAFETY-BAR Squats!

  1. I only squat with the Rogue rogue safety squat bar. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for bodybuilding.

  2. I mean if you really love squatting that much, and if you have really developed legs you are not going to be able to tell really if it’s benefiting your physique or quad development… I can say from experience I look like shit lol if I squat everyday (lose definition/fullness/hardness) just my opinion for myself…!It could work but I don’t think on most

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