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Solving the puzzle of the periodic table – Eric Rosado

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How did the periodic table of elements revolutionize our understanding of the world? What scientists contributed to the table we have today? Eric Rosado discusses the key people and discoveries that have molded our understanding of chemistry today.

Lesson by Eric Rosado, animation by Other Scientist Productions.


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38 thoughts on “Solving the puzzle of the periodic table – Eric Rosado

  1. This video is incorrect, mendelev prioritized the similarity between elements rather than their atomic weight even when some of the elements were out of order, mosley perfected the periodic table and created what became of our modern one

  2. It was Mosley who deserves a place. His experiments with the K(alpha) X-rays led to the modern periodic table.
    Fact: Mosley died aged 27 in the first World War , imagine if had lived for more , humanity would have benefit much more .

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