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Snow Patrol – Set The Fire To The Third Bar ft. Martha Wainwright

37 thoughts on “Snow Patrol – Set The Fire To The Third Bar ft. Martha Wainwright

  1. A French song, "A ma place" (Axel Bauer & Zazie), was released three years prior to this one with a video that decidedly looks similar…… 🤔

  2. I’m so glad that people are talking about long distance relationships and even breakups, because I thought reading through the comments that I was the only one where this song was for a long distance relationship/breakup.

    I am sorry for other people’s losses and I can understand that the song can have one or two meanings. I actually ran away from the town where we were born and where I met my first/puppy love/childhood sweetheart, we have known each other for 20 years, but had a breakup and stopped speaking for 10 years. I messaged him out of the blue the other day and we had a heart to heart, it’s strange the connections we have with people.

  3. for fans of the walking dead: Andrew Lincoln would listen to this music before turning the scene where he learns the death of lori😉

  4. "Dear Dummies"…. Rick didnt die. There will be movies allegedly…. however… there will be a woman 3 hours away i will miss every day until i can have

  5. This song has painful memories for me, it's taken 12 years to be able to listen to this from start to finish… beautiful song x

  6. This song really reaches into your damn soul. You hear sad songs all the time, but this one really makes you feel the pain and that's thanks in large part to Martha Wainwright and her unbelievable vocal.

  7. Anyone else actually have some locked up when this song came out. Crushed me to my bones. Still hurts all these years.

  8. Snow patrol – you could be happy, make this last forever and this song…. always makes me cry…my mum played this album a lot when my stepdad left us, it was so hard to see her with a broken heart…for the second time 😞

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