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Skateboarding – High Ollie Bar

We’re proud to introduce Element’s new Drop Spot skate obstacles. Now you’re able to create your own spots wherever you want and control all aspects of them. Drop a spot in your driveway, schoolyard, parking lot or wherever you want.

Element partnered with proven portable ramp manufacturers, Freshpark and together we have developed a new class of obstacles. Combining Freshpark’s experience with Element’s decades of skateboarding knowledge, we have developed the highest quality, foldable, portable, skate specific obstacles in the market.


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37 thoughts on “Skateboarding – High Ollie Bar

  1. Haters gonna hate. I think its epic! You can perfect your grinds with it and progressively train for bigger ollies; what more do you want!?

  2. @piggy123557 nottuh they probably are dissed at element for making that so expensive… you could make a high ollie bar so easily. If you check out my channel you can see I have all different ways of doing high ollies over stuff. You can stack old skateboards, you can use cones, pvc, anything. It would be nice to have this thing that tells you how high it is and is so easy to use but i would never pay that much for a stupid high ollie bar

  3. Spend (waste) $300 on this, or tape a few rulers together and glue them to the waxed curb outside your house and do the same thing…hmmmmmm

  4. WOW! i cant wait to try to see how high i can kickflip, varial, and ollie! I NEVER KNEW!!!!!!! I didnt even think to truck lock boards and jump over them for free….

  5. lets face it half of this element shit u could find in a tip and it would cost u nothing to make it at home.
    All these kids are paying for is the element logo and i m sorry but thats not worth $300

  6. @poisonedflood well, it was exactly 120 on ccs and i got it. it's actualy really fun to mess around on with grinds and stuff. you can make it higher with cinder blocks and the slanted side is great for blunts. the high ollie bar is great for practicing pop. i thought it was worth it

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