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SHOW’S OVER! 😖🎵Funniest “Musicians” on Bar Rescue

Borrow some ear plugs. Here are some of the funniest and worst musical performances on Bar Rescue.

#4 S6, E45 – The Sound of Failing Music
#3 S4, E57 – Drunk on Punk
#2 S4, E12 – Crayons & Anger Lines
#1 S4, E26 – Ants with Wings, Bro!

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29 thoughts on “SHOW’S OVER! 😖🎵Funniest “Musicians” on Bar Rescue

  1. Danny Boy isn't even an Irish song, it was written by and Englishman piggybacking on an old Irish melody … bloody Brits

  2. God, can you imagine being married to Mia Mastroianni – "Tony you get down from there, right now!"

  3. If they got rid of the music in the guy downstairs that bar would be successful. She's not a bad musician it's just a bad spot for music you go to a corner bar you want to sit down and get something to eat and not have somebody screaming at you. The lady doesn't sing bad. Just in the wrong place

  4. I liked the first ones singing he keeps talking about ego but I don't know if that's right maybe he likes to dress nice to look nice does that mean he's got a big ego? I don't care about his ego is he functional as a bar manager. If he's got this guy in his bar and he's losing money then I'm guessing he's not

  5. The gray haired woman trying to sing was stuck in the 60s, a real looney. That was her son in the downstairs bar, he at least had some sense. The owner of the first punk rock bar was a total arrogant know nothing asshole….Taffer walked out, no rescue.

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