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Get a breathtaking view from the top of the second highest building in the world AND enjoy the skyline by night (with a cocktail or two!). How to end the perfect night out in Shanghai? Well, nothing is more Shanghai than a fancy late-night dinner…

We hope you enjoyed this Shanghai China vlog & Shanghai nightlife – there are a few more China videos to come as we travel China for one more week! NEXT UP: the Shanghai marriage market! 上海 care to join us on another adventure? Then please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss this next China travel vlog! We’ve been loving our China trip so far, and we think you’ll enjoy it too!


Are you curious as to what it is we bring around the world with us? Here’s a breakdown of our camera & travel gear:

►Our vlogging camera:
►Our main vlog lens:
►Cinematic & low light lens (get that awesome bokeh):
►Zoom lens (also good in low light):
►Our microphone:
►Camera stabilizer gimbal:
►Camera bag:
►Rugged hard drive:
►Kim’s noise cancelling headphones:
►Naick’s (life-changing) noise cancelling earbuds:
►Naick’s backpack:
►Kim’s backpack:

The above are Amazon affiliate links. We make a small commission if you purchase something through these links on Amazon (even if you buy something else, even if it’s just a toothbrush :D) at no additional cost to you. It means a great deal to us, so thank you to everyone who uses them!

We’re Naick & Kim, a Belgian couple that quit our jobs to travel the world. We just completed our 12.000 km overland journey from Brussels to Beijing China. What’s next after that? Well, we’ll tell you soon!

Thanks a lot for watching this China vlog 2019, we really appreciate it & hope you enjoyed this video! If you’ve enjoyed our video, please leave a like and share your thoughts or questions in the comments – we’d love to know what you think 🙂

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43 thoughts on “SHANGHAI BY NIGHT: SKYSCRAPERS & THE BUND ROOFTOP BAR! (China Vlog 2019 上海)

  1. Thank you for watching – we are very happy to have you here! Do you prefer the views of the Pudong skyline by day or by night? If you want to follow along on the rest of our journey, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss out on the next videos. Have a great day!

  2. what u r showing us is fake because according to Western media: millions of people in china are starving to death; democracy and freedom of speech are none in china, chinese are oppressed and killed by their goverment; tanks running over civilians, there are no cars on road but only bikes and the dictatorship chairman mao is still alive and killing citizens, this is the china i know of. plz, show me the real china.

  3. You are beautiful in that little black skirt. It is not easy for girls to carry such kind of skirt in an overseas trip.

  4. I have done the same in Shanghai high rise tower, it was even dated back to one decade ago.
    I was completely stunned to see that view from the top even I have been to many high buildings included the Former World Trade Centre in New York Manhattan.
    Shanghai is majestic and so beautiful in the surrounding. Also very very impressed by the people in Shanghai too.

  5. come to hongkong , There are large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong against the central government. Go and have a look when you have time ,Tibet and Xinjiang are also good places to travel

  6. If you guys are still hanging around in Shanghai, let me suggest that you guys go to Yiwu, it's a place not too far away from Shanghai, and closer to Hangzhou, with very convenient bullet train connected.
    The reason why you guys should go there, is that it has the BIGGEST wholesale market in the entire world.The sheer size of blow your mind. It's also the best place in the world for you to understand Made in China, how we are supplying to the entire world, and how you can get any stuff at any quality. It says so much about how the world works, yet it's not a tourist attraction.

    Also, if you plan to stay close to Shanghai for a little while, I'd suggest you go visit Shi'liu'pu Fabric Market, it's a place that tailors all kinds of clothes for people, mainly suits. You might have noticed that here in China people are not very keen on wearing suits, yet it's kind of a requirement for weddings, so most of us would go to this place to make customed suits for weddings. It's not that fancy, yet not bad. It's another one of those places where Western cultures make an interesting twist in the East, also a good bargin.
    It's located close to the Bund, the address is 333 Dongmen Road. A typical customed suit could cost 800 yuan, depending on the fabric, as well as how well you drive a bargin, and taking a couple of days to a week to finish.

  7. OH!Welcome to CHINA !I'm glad to invite you to my city CHENGDU ! There are pandas great foods and so many beautiful attractions .From 10/1 The JIUZHAIGOU has reopened ,people always call there heaven!

  8. smoggy , foggy and can get cloudy – here is another view from the very top of the tower … ( 90 million views on Youtube ).

  9. Omg! That night view of Shanghai city from the top of Shanghai Tower is just spectacular! And the view of Shanghai City at night – you guys have given us perhaps the best most have seen of the city like a shining jewel hehehe…….Omg! Kim, you nearly hurt your poor bf with the reflex attempt to stake him off your dinner! hohoho…..

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