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Shakers Cigar Bar (Jeffrey Dahmer’s Hangout)

Hey guys join me for a tour of this historic building where so much tragedy happened.



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31 thoughts on “Shakers Cigar Bar (Jeffrey Dahmer’s Hangout)

  1. Looks creepy Jon, but, also looks cosy in a way..if you can ever manage to stay, then by all means do it and lets us know how you get on xx Shared for you xx

  2. Awesome tour that place is creepy I hope you can get the funding to do a overnight challenge here thank you for sharing 👻💕

  3. I met Jeffy Dahmer in a bar in Chicago he was too weird for me I don't know why people would believe that he was a model photographer

  4. Very cool quick tour of an awesome building. I live in Wisconsin so especially interested. We have to find a way to raise the money so you can investigate that 2nd floor. You can just imagine what you might find. He was a very evil twisted man.

  5. Jeffery dahmer gives me the creeps. Not to mention everything else that’s gone on there. No way I could stay the night. Thanks jon

  6. Over night there would be interesting .. Hope your are able to do it cant wait to see that video anyways take care and stay safe

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! This story, location and video are particularly appealing to me anyway so an overnight paranormal investigation there would be sweet.

  8. Excellent video I never heard much about his haunts so to speak. Glad you did this one I've never seen one on one of his places.

  9. Wow this should be very interesting….Jeffrey Dahmer grew up only 25min from me."In bath township"..I've seen his home ,His father n stepmother lived there for quite a long time even after Jeffrey was caught…Jeffrey use to come out this way to party, He even gave my brother a ride home from a party,But at that time we didn't know what he was doing…Talk about "Luck n Freaky."…His childhood home was being sold again 5years ago…

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