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Sexy Bar Pattaya Soi Made in Thailand

32 thoughts on “Sexy Bar Pattaya Soi Made in Thailand

  1. A few laws broken in one stream… not a bad effort. Did you know every time you put a beer bottle in front of the camera, you are breaking alcohol advertising laws in Thailand? If you watch the EPL, you will notice ads for Leo etc, but they are ads for soda water (cunning bastards)… Alcohol advertising is outlawed in Thailand.. Do the girls in sexy bar know, that vaping can cost the individual 100K and the bar 400k? Only takes the wrong cop to wander by… Did you know, spruiking your shirts for cash constitutes earning in Thailand, which will get you deported, if Immigration so desires.. Ed Visa = No earning..

    Not having a go, just pointing some things out that you should be aware of… Have fun!!

  2. If you're interested in Pattaya, Thailand, take a minute to look at my book Cupid's Bow: Sex Tourist in Pattaya, Thailand. It's available on Amazon.

  3. My name is Frank but people call me mana mana, I'm also known as Gold Trader and I only have 1 nut. Great stream Tom!

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