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Secretly Greatly – Don't ever leave me

Video: Secretly Greatly (Korean movie 2013)
Pairing: Won Ryu & Ri Hae-Jin
Audio: end of the vid (it’s the OST from the Hakkenden 2 ending)
Comment: I’m in love with a movie, though the actors seem a big young for this, still it was emotional and so sad…but freaking cute as well, esp. the moment with the hat…omg…so go watch ;)) and I saw Park Ki-Woong in a new light, he had an awesome role there too *___*

Link to low-pitched song –


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35 thoughts on “Secretly Greatly – Don't ever leave me

  1. Could you please reupload Mp3 file of background music? I like it very much but now I can't download it. Thank you for an awesome movie.

  2. A very sad ending, though this story could have happened , the happy ending for loyal soldiers wouldn't really be possible especially if they're ready to die. Very touching ending, if there could be a change ending, it would have been nice if the three were alive with their new life ahead.. Amazing actors they really did well in their acting, like it's for real. No Joke guys, all cast were great! Splendid action movie!

  3. I just chose to believe the ending never happened because other than the ending, i absolutely loved this movie and their chemistry💕😌

  4. Wow! I've enjoyed your Guardian mash ups and I just found this one! I love Secretly Greatly so much that I watched it with French subs first- and I don't know French! 😂

  5. I really liked Dong-gu's hair style at the beginning….OH WHO AM I KIDDING I LIKE ALL OF HE'S HAIR STYLES PLUS HE'S CUTE

  6. In First few sec:Wow so intresting it looks ..I am gonna watch this 😀
    InThe middle of the vedio:However it doesn't seem like BL
    In last scene of vedio:OMG whatever it is but it has a sad ending 😣

    No matter how much intresting I am not gonna watch this !!

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