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Second Hand Lions Bar FIGHT Scene

31 thoughts on “Second Hand Lions Bar FIGHT Scene

  1. I love !!!
    But when a guy gives you a weapon and you hear the words "your gonna need all the help you can get" you know ots gonna end badly for you

  2. This is a reality for elderly people in Seattle. It is really this! Young people from 18-25 picking on old men who are Vets. Seattleites and Oregonians do it all the time! And the punk kids keep getting killed for it!

  3. Fun fact; the guy Robert Duvall hits in the face is Travis Willingham, voice actor for many anime including Colonel Mustang in Full Metal Alchemist.

    Funny story; when they shot that scene, Robert Duvall actually hit him three times in the nose instead of fudging it to the left, thinking Travis was a stuntman. When he told him he wasn’t, Duvall gave him five hundred dollars feeling bad about it. Always tells that story at conventions.

  4. My grandpa is like him he could beat people up like my mom had to get a man she still doesn't have one and all the mans she had my grandpa always tells them if they kill me and my sister brother he will beat them up. And they told us what he said and i felt safe for once. And my dad who was close to getting married me and him taught each other how to fight so i know all moves close. And once when im older im gonna teach my children how to fight.

  5. a good movie. These uncles are bad ass. Especially Uncle Hub! This greaser has no idea who he is messing with. The four of them are lucky they did not die.

  6. why don't you showthe kingsman bar fight scene with Colin Firth and a bunch of cockneye thugs in London! that on a parcwith robert deniro and michael caine!

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