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Sara Bareilles – I Choose You (Live at the Manderley Bar)

45 thoughts on “Sara Bareilles – I Choose You (Live at the Manderley Bar)

  1. I've watched this like a thousand times over the years. I can't believe how long it's been too. This live version is incredible, and Sara is absolutely beautiful and glowing.

  2. Green tea. Lolipops. Sounds of social gatherings you are familiar with. Oysterfest. There is more in Humboldt than one can see in a lifetime. There is routine and off the beaten path all right there. Sunsets. Best I've seen. It can be turned metro if that's not enough. I am hoping to meet you some day. Seeing a girl who made it that big from Eureka makes me curious.

  3. Hours of gunfire made me wanna write nice things. I want that lifelong love letter to be written back and forth with a guy you can build mutual trust with. Hard to hang onto is just that. I see old folks with decades and decades of anniverseries. More years married than I am old.

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