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"Running Man” Production Issues Official Apology To Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo

“Running Man” Production Issues Official Apology To Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo
Source: Soompi

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21 thoughts on “"Running Man” Production Issues Official Apology To Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo

  1. If those two realy realy will out from rm.. I wont watch this rm ever again.. Everyone will fill the same as me.. But if those two realy will out from rm.. Hope other PD? XMAN PD WILL TAKE BOTH OF THEM AND START BROADCAST THE NEW SEASON X MAN.. HAHAHA WILL SEE NEW SHOW HAHAHSHA

  2. Fool.. There working try to earn money safe for future a head.. Working with people with no positive thingking.. Is the worse first u talk bad about both of them then you easyly say sory.. Yes there dont mind about it..what if you at that place.. This news is not about yesterday that broadcast.. How are there filing for that time but there still work hard even in the time before u say sory.. Sory.. I have to say this.. You people are the bad fool stupid manager.. Dont mad ( what are both of them fill when the news being publish .. Damn ass there left rm? Even you say soryy.. It wont be the same rm if those to out from tm.. Thing about other member filling its not easy to bondong 9 year dud) thing before act..

  3. i think kang ho dong was the reason of song jihyo and kjk why they're leaving running man, its bcoz kang ho dong wanted to replace them…

  4. I'm still on episode 160-ish. I still continued watching it because I thought only Gary left. Now that it's confirmed that both KJK and SJH will also be leaving, I suddenly lost all motivation to watch the remaining episodes. Bummer.

  5. So u guys would exchange song ji hyo and kim jong kook in rm for 7 years exchanged for so min and se chan without being in a year in rm.. 😢😢😢😢😢

  6. so dumb. the idiotic staffs ended a show that we loved for seven years for doing something completely unnecessary! I hope the members will gather to have another show. (i know sbs will have their own another main show since there is a pattern….. xman, family outing, running man, etc) but seriously though, im going to remember that dumbass pd's name and never watch those shows. his name is GONG HEE CHUL btw. he should really be fired in all seriousness.

  7. those PD was the problem… not the running man members, they are willing to give us laugh heartedly even if the episode was not as good as the past episodes .. the planning of PD was the problem ok, don't make running man member suffer.. I hate them so much … I love running man… i don't want their show to end ..

  8. in the first place what was their problem to kick out the ace and the commander???? they are one of the best members, what is the problem of SBS for kicking them out ??? .. they are the ace and the commander you know … grrrr…

  9. same like last time when family outing season 1 end, than start with new member the show suck badly and when downhill after that……..

  10. I luv 懵钟(Kim Jong Kook and Song Ji Hyo) and it is unacceptable how they kicked them out. It is also a stupid decision they're making. All SBS wants is money. They never care about the members what so ever, and it is the Running Man members, all seven of them, that are suffering because of this decision. I am actually glad that all of them are leaving together than separating, and I love how the four members left decided to leave with them. I am never watching anything SBS produces unless RM members are in it anymore.

  11. According to this article the show is ending in February

  12. Stupid SBS, so unprofessional move! Running Man has been in the heart of many ppl worldwide, how dare they toyed around with this kind of rude stupidity? SBS you should just go down after this, down as lowest as possible

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