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Running Man – Ep.47 – Engsub – PART 6/7

12 thoughts on “Running Man – Ep.47 – Engsub – PART 6/7

  1. 1:23-2:28min..WOW…I love the model. She is tall. She is soo cool. She has a cool and fun personality. I would want to meet her in real life. Everyone is so happy after she said the quote.
    WOW..6:25min the comic artist draws(Kang Full) soo well. The artist is very coo, too. His drawings on the wall are impressive. i LOVE both comic artist and top model!!!
    hahaha…Kang Full is told to trying to fool Jaesuk team taking his time..that's funny. 8:32min Jaesuk team's expressions are mad funny.

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