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Running Man – Ep.47 – Engsub – PART 5/7

9 thoughts on “Running Man – Ep.47 – Engsub – PART 5/7

  1. 3:28-4:27min…OMG…Jaesuk team wanting to leave and get the writer's signature but have to stay because he afriad to hurt the writer's feeling. They want to be respectful to the writer. Looking at their faces are SO FUNNY. Their faces look miserable while talking to the writer. They've like more than 15 minu. And the time is ticking.
    Poor Gwangsu, he's 1st one out.
    I think HaHa is quite rude to model Jang Joon. He tell her to sign book and leave right after that.

  2. LMAO i'm exactly like haha when ppl want me to sit down and i need to leave, my sister will be the same as jaesuk and sit there and listen patiently, and tell me to chill. 😛

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