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Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

The circumstances of our lives may matter less than how we see them, says Rory Sutherland. At TEDxAthens, he makes a compelling case for how reframing is the key to happiness.

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46 thoughts on “Rory Sutherland: Perspective is everything

  1. Excellent talk. Only thing that bugs me is the study he mentioned where dogs were subjected to pain. It made me a bit sad.

  2. Did anyone else find while he was describing the imaginary dirty and bad-smelling restaurant, you pictured the restaurant in the background as the one that was dirty and smelling bad in your head? Like if this was you too.

    I want to know how many people experienced this more than myself, and use the likes this comment gets as statistical data to prove a psychological concept. So if you like this comment, you aren't only being nice, but you're providing real actual data for psychological research.

  3. Actual value and perceived value are one in the same… I wonder how we as product/service/content providers can up ours?

    Brand positioning via marketing? Testimonials? Exclusivity models? Not selling anything?

  4. Kudos Funny, clever, interesting data with sense of humour to embrace the information , a.pure Ted talk to reach and teach the listeners.

  5. Is that restaurant from Seinfield? He reminds me on 2 faces girl Jerry dated, the one on light and the other from shadow

  6. Perception does not dictate reality. Perception dictates your perception of reality. You can perceive, that you are not burning to death in a fire, while burning to death in a fire. And yet, you will burn to death in fire.

  7. Great points, it was really interesting to see them incorporated into our daily lives/decisions. Very well put together talk.

  8. Was looking for a good talk on perspective. Instantly a favorite. Even brought up the Austrian school and praxeology!

  9. So theres a talk about perspective after all.

    Recently Ive been bothered by perspective, thinking of how things can be viewed in different ways, how about nostalgia? The past feelings you felt but you can only reminisce now? Why does it change over time, the way we look at things now is not necessarily how we would look on it in the future or even tomorrow.

    I am downcast for being unable to recover the past disposition I had, the feelings that I have enjoyed but now cant, I know the reason why, its because of perspective.

  10. Pain overrides Perspective.

    The part of brain that can see perspective doesn't work when you are in pain, and pain is very subjective for different people.

    Those whom talk about perspectives, always have justifications for their misbehaviors. They call it giving you their perspective.

  11. I can solve the mystery of the Eurostar train overexpenditure, easily. Look at 6:36. See the farther train’s number? It’s 3224. This number is one secret society Satanists use to mark works which benefit them financially or which further their New World Order agenda. This is without question. I suspect, if you follow the money, the profit from this deal took money from the people and sent it into pockets of SSS men.

  12. yo! if you most verily lovingly would check the new tune and <3 or repost if you vibe with!

  13. Because of "Perspective", NO Artist will ever draw a curve in the center of his/her canvas to represent the Horizon Line.

    Perspective (from Latin: perspicere "to see through") dictates how our mind interprets the environment as seen through our eyes on a flat surface. There can be no Curvature on the Horizon with Perceptive.


  14. A single working age person in the UK is guaranteed a minimum income of £73.10, a pensioner £159.35. Plus they have several advantages in the benefits system, e.g. full council tax reduction & no 'bedroom tax'. UK pensioners are not 'poor'.

  15. "If you stare out the window without a cigarette, your an antisocial friendless idiot. If you stare out the window while you smoke, your a fucking philosopher"

    Best joke of the year

  16. Good talk. New Ted talks became a tool for promoting a politically correct tools and "empowering" mediocre SJW's instead of being a platform for an inspiring scientists

  17. Hello ted._. Perceptions and perspectives._. Howe r u? Howes yore dae goeng? Dew u sea Donald und Mickey az prezident and vp? Ore , due yew cee Donald Disney. Or dew you see Donald duck._. Or do you see Donald trump?_.
    Do you see jfk assassination or marina in heartland ._.

  18. All my life since I was a little boy I have been thinking about 'perspectives' as in the fact that people have subjective views on life. I have been dreaming, thinking and talking about this idea, that life and everything is about perspectives and about understanding others perspectives… but everyone have allways made fun of me. They called me a creative freak and a philosopher in a bad tone and so on……. now I'm 20 and I still believe in this idea.

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