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Robben Ford “12 Bar Blues Improvisation”

25 thoughts on “Robben Ford “12 Bar Blues Improvisation”

  1. Always loved his playing since his days with Tom Scott's LA Express. Expressive guitar that's firmly rooted in the Blues. Really enjoyed this. Thanks for uploading. Cheers…

  2. The player, this is the agency of music, makes no difference what label the guitar has on it, copper wire wrapped around magnets produce a field, the steel/nickel strings produce electrical oscillations which are amplified and fed through cables to drive a paper cone, that vibrates in response to those oscillations, and we hear the result as musical notes/chords – the player is the variable.

  3. I was fortunate enough to witness (and meet) Robben and the Blue Line when he was making instructional videos at a studio. They did 3 takes of a song, and each take had a different solo and vibe, he is so inventive. Nice guy too, he didn't mind a gobsmacked kid like me stuttering to say how great he was.

  4. Brilliantly beautiful 👍👍👍
    I had the huge pleasure of working with him when he played with the Yellow Jackets behind Randy Crawford in England. He was a fantastic jazzer then.

  5. Souless plain vanilla sophisticated Blues. You need to suffer in ghetto for atleast 3 years, listen to Hendrix cranked thru headphones, while smoking a joint. Then you'll be good to go.

  6. So many modern players are heavilly inspired by him, but he really has a voice and phrasing of his own that no one can copy.

  7. Seems like 23 GFs jumped to 170!!!
    Absolutely stunning!
    And now i know there are 170 peepl out there that hav serious issues.
    What was there not to like???🤔😂

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