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Review of Roadmaster Tow Bar Parts – Replacement Swivel Collar for Roadmaster Tracker – RM-900010-00

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Full transcript:
Hey everyone. I’m Ellen here at Today we’re taking a look at the replacement Swivel Collar for the Roadmaster Tracker Tow Bar. Now this is going to be the attachment from your cross bar to the arms on your tow bar, and this is going to be that attachment point that kind of swivels around and allows it to move and flex with your vehicle as you’re going down the road. So if something happened to your original collars on that Tracker Tow Bar, that part number being RM-020, this is going to be a direct replacement from Roadmaster to get you back out on the road and towing again.So again, it just attaches to the end of the tow bar where it attaches to your towed car, allowing it to move vertically as that car does. It comes with our collar itself, a bolt, and a nylon lock nut, and that’s the same for each one.

It should be a direct fit, but I’m going to give you some measurements just for reference. So from front to back is about three and a half inches long, and for this little opening of the jaws is about two inches tall, maybe a little bit more, about two and an eighth inch. Inside measurement is about one, and . I’d say about one and nine sixteenths, and then width wise going from this kind of bushing portion, it’s about two inches wide. The opening for that bushing is about a half-inch.

The little tab coming up over the top, it’s about an inch long, and the space inside there from the center of that bushing to the center of the bolt is about two inches.That’s going to do it for our look at the replacement Swivel Collar for the Roadmaster Tracker Tow Bar. If you need any other accessories for your flat tow setup, including safety chains, and all the way up to a braking system, you can always turn to to find any of those components. Thanks for watching.


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