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Review: Dell S2817Q 4K Monitor

Dell S2817Q is a 4K monitor with TN panel. It’s targeted at casual users for home and gamers.

Disclaimer: This is a loan unit Dell has provided me for 2 weeks for a review. I wasn’t paid for the review.

Detailed specifications on Dell’s website:

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24 thoughts on “Review: Dell S2817Q 4K Monitor

  1. That was a very informative review. Thank you so much. I was considering buying this monitor based on its specs (and it being half price at the moment). However your demonstration of the colour reproduction/shift across the screen was fantastic, as well as the small incompatibilities with Mac. Thanks again.

  2. Very good review!! I remember seeing a guys comment and he said to use HDMI 2 and I thought that didn't make any sense. But now it makes sense because hdmi 2 is the 2.0 hdmi… I plan on buying this SOON for my console because its gonna look great when playing kingdom hearts 2 and call of duty world war 2…

  3. Thanks, this is the best review for S2817Q on youtube, but I still can't decide if I should buy this monitor or an 27 inches ips monitor. I mainly use it for viewing charts (charts for trading, candles sticks, indicators, etc), could you recommend ?

  4. you know you hold hold the cntrl key and scroll the mouse wheel up and down to zoom in for small typing font

  5. 8:25 bright recommendation. i've ran into this model, but after you said i made my mind. this monitor is not for my purposes.

  6. You said no lag whatsoever?

    I hope you're being honest, and not saying that because they sponsored you.

    I'm looking at your hand movement and comparing it to what I see on the screen, and it looks like there's obvious lag. Am I just seeing something wrong?

  7. I just ordered this to run off my Alienware graphics amplifier with the EVGA GTX 1080 FTW graphics card. Do you recommend using the display port or the HDMI 2.0? They both support 4K @60hz so I am not sure which one to use. My graphics card has both HDMI 2.0 and Display Port 1.4.

  8. Hello! Firstly I'd like to say thanks for the great review – I'm contemplating what monitor to purchase.

    What's the best resolution/good value monitor that I can get for under $250? I can probably stretch to $300 but that's max and would have to be a very good value monitor.

    Someone at my work is selling this model which you reviewed and I can probably get for $350/75 (one month old).

     Prior to looking at this model,  I was looking at the HP 27er 27-in IPS LED Backlit Monitor  – 1080P display which is low? However it is also a very good price. Is it worth spending that extra money and getting this Dell or not?

    I don't know what I need in terms of resolution. I looked in BestBuy and 1080P  looked very average for such a large display. I'll be using this monitor to mirror the image from my laptop  to the monitor and use it for YouTube watching, internet surfing and software's  like Microsoft word and PowerPoint. What resolution do you suggest/what would you suggest I avoid?

    It'll be on my desk – is 32" too big? Is 27/28" too small? I played around with a 32" at best buy and it seemed huge but I want to have at least two windows open at one time – this is my main reason for purchasing a monitor because my laptop has a 13"  screen.

    Or should I just get a 32" TV and use that as a monitor? I'd prefer to get a monitor to a TV but am open to ideas.

    Please let me know what you think. 



  9. Great review ! Thank you for taking the time and posting it. I'm currently debating between this and the Dell P2717H. 4k would be something nice to brag about, but that would be about all I could do with it.

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