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Review: Dell Latitude E6400

A review of the Dell Latitude E6400. This is a really great business class laptop! Here’s a good written review, which (for the most part) still applies today:

Specs of mine:

-Intel Core 2 Duo P8400 Penryn 3M at 2.26Ghz (Dual-Core, 3MB L2 cache, 1066Mhz FSB)
-4GB DDR2 PC2-6400 RAM 800Mhz
-80GB Western Digital Scorpio Blue – 5400RPM (SATA)
-Intel GMA 4500MHD – 384MB
-Windows 7 Professional SP1
-DVD-ROM Drive
-14.1″ WXGA (1280×800) Screen

The price of an E6400 with these specs in 2009 was approximately $1,200+. Daang.


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43 thoughts on “Review: Dell Latitude E6400

  1. Just bought one and decided to come back to this old vid lol. Found one with a P8700, the 1440×900 display and the Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M. Gonna throw some extra RAM at it and upgrade to a T9800, backlit keeb and whatnot. Miss these kinds of machines, durable with tons of IO. The Core 2 Duo mobile chips are still plenty capable for basic tasks too.

  2. When it's 2019 and you still own this computer. This message was typed from a 10 yearold latitude e6400 that has been passed down to a 14 yearold 4 years ago


  4. I have used it since about 2 weeks ago. What is the different with dell e6500 beside the screen size and weight?

  5. Bro i hve problem i cant find right drivers. Of my model. My laptop model is dell latitude e6500 with intel gma4500 but i cant find right graphics drivers plz help me?

  6. Linux Mint Debian will also work well on this Dell Laptop and so esy to go to addons section and type in Privacy and all your free protection sites turn up for you to choose from.

  7. For anyone who is not enjoying the Windows experience on this Notebook try UBUNTU 14.04 lts (long term support) ISO will also go on a USB Flashdrive with some basic knowledge and watch it FLY!!! and once installed go to Terminal and type in sudo apt-get update …………and watch what happens next!!! Woosh!! and to get Firefox 58 twice as fast as many lower grade Firefox type in: sudo apt-get install firefox………….and you are now a Notebook Racing CAR!!! Woosh!!! so then you can get on with your LIFE without all the interuptions from TARD Windows hackers………….cheers all……….

  8. Good sturdy laptop with easy access to upgrades. I am currently running 2.53ghz 2 hdd. 1 int. 1 ext ,a docking station that my employer threw in the dumpster 8gb ram ,T9900 cpu and running great. would love to upgrade the vid card but it is intergraded NVidia 160. Got 2 of these babies on e-bay dirt cheap. try to get 1 with the lighted keyboard if interested. The docking station port is on the bottom that isn't explained in the video.

  9. re camera, using device manager/properties interrogate for the hardware codes, there is a website where if you have the code it can identify the device and point you to the correct device driver. Dells are good gear, I have an E5500, boots win7 in 18 seconds (ssd)..

  10. I have a display link plig and play that came with mine and i have no idea how to charge my laptop thr main charger is a circle that plugs into tge plug and play and then anoth cord goes into it then into tge laptop it then pulls up a screen that says i have to intsall something and i need a disk to do it plz help

  11. I have two of the very same laptop and they both work like a champ! One runs macOS and the other 10. Good review, and if you edited in Windows Movie Maker it would be a lot smoother video in transitioning.

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