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Restaurant Review: Renae’s Homestyle Restaurant & Bar

Home Cooking just for you. Check out this Wine Bistro and enjoy a live band with good homestyle food!
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8 thoughts on “Restaurant Review: Renae’s Homestyle Restaurant & Bar

  1. Man it sucks when you watch all these I Eat Houston shows, and I didn’t even know who Mr. Washington was, and find out he passed on. What a great man and what an example of what a mans man is supposed to be like!!!

  2. This place is awful,don't believe the hype,it use to be great but the owner has got really comfortable and lazy with his business.I wouldn't support anymore the food is microwave and not cooked fresh but frozen from days over and a lot is canned veggies.The decorations are beautiful but everything else is horrible,the department of health really needs to check behind the scenes of what is being served to the public,and I'm not just saying this I'm telling you what I know.

  3. Sorry Dannie, I had your food today and it did not look nor taste anything like that. Actually, it was old and the taste was not good. Perhaps, Ms Betty Smith is no longer their? Either way I won't be visiting again. Thanks but no thanks!!!!

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