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Replacing torsion bar keys on a Chevy Z71

37 thoughts on “Replacing torsion bar keys on a Chevy Z71

  1. do you have to make markings anywhere to have things exactly as they were? for example, does the torsion bar have to be twisted a certain way before you put it in the key or anything like that? thanks.

  2. I changed a lower control arm. The torsion adjuster bolt backed out hard even with oil. Tried to turn it back in and it snapped. Do you have to use unloader to turn the bolt back in?

  3. Thanks for the video I have the opposite problem my passenger side has a weaker torsion bar. I wonder if when I replaced my keys if you accidentally turn the torsion bar from its original position if it would make a difference?I couldn't get my aftermarket lift keys to fit right so I had to keep messing with it I ended up having to take a grinder to the crown of the top to get them to sit in the cradle properly

  4. If the torsion bar is worn out, meaning that it's not providing the resistance it's supposed to, then won't putting different keys and putting more torsion on the torsion bar make it wear more and faster? Isn't replacing the torsion bars a better option? I see them for sale for <$100 each. Thanks for the video!

  5. I have a similar issue where the drivers side key is maxed out, passengers side key bolt is way out, literally no twist at all. Since adjusting feels weird. Seems to bounce left and right vs up and down. I'm thinking the torsion bars are like shocks. You cant replace one, and you can't set different tensions (after a certain point) . I also noticed adjustment doesn't last long. Its literally settling again by the week. Sooo.. IMO you can't twist your way out of a worn out torsion bar.

  6. where exactly did you get the shocks I have ordered the keys but I dont want to order the wrong shocks or will the original GM shocks be fine with it being that high?

  7. I guess wat I'm saying is my torsion bars are maxed out and the ride is rough if I get the keys u got would I be able to turn torsion bars down some and keep height I'm in a 92 k1500

  8. okay i have a question my truck is keyed and body lifted it does need shocks but because of the keys it rides like a pogo stick its extremely stiff and bouncy if that makes sense little bumps feel like huge potholes i want to have it level but with stock keys i want the crap ride go im sick of it

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