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Rear Sway Bar and Link UPGRADE 2019 Golf R

Today we upgrade the rear sway bar on the Golf R! Replacing a rear sway bar and sway bar links is one of the best suspension modifications a FWD and AWD car can get. This is a sway bar upgrade, but if you are having sway bar bushing noise, sway bar link noise, you can follow this DIY as well. Upgrading a rear sway bar introduces more oversteer in a FWD/AWD car. This allows the car to turn easier. The best part it doesn’t impact the car in normal driving conditions. Thank you to WD-40 for being such a great partner on this video #humblemechanic

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30 thoughts on “Rear Sway Bar and Link UPGRADE 2019 Golf R

  1. You forgot to mention the fact that gratuitous engine starts and a quick rev are required any time exhaust components are removed.

  2. I did the exact same sway bar upgrade with those 034 links. They do make a little noise but that i can accept for the performance enhancement. On my Audi with Bilstein coilovers. The handling is amazing.

  3. I know this is off topic but I use to have a 2015 golf gti but it got totaled and I ended up buying a 2019 golf gti rabbit edition and I took all my mods off my 2015 but I was wondering if I could use my Unitronic full exhaust from the turbo back.. it said it had Fitment issues but is it possible to still use it on my 2019 model? Thank you and hope you had a happy thanksgiving again.

  4. Rear sway bar upgrades always do wonders in most applications. My Charger has a Eibach and Corolla has a whiteline. Both cars grip while turning. My corolla even now kicks the rear out instead of understeering

  5. Gat a better alignment with some front toe out (2mm total) and slight rear toe in (.5-1mm total) and it handles even better with fantastic turn in feel.

  6. Thank you. So impressed with all your post. I always check your site for any suggestions or ideas on any VW’s I’ve owned. Now that i have a 2018 Golf R Mk 7.5, have you explore a rear fig light on a Golf R? Always admire german cars and swedish cars like Volvo with their rear fogs. Pls research and post. Thanks a million!
    Bj- Wash dc area.

  7. Thanks Charles, great video, I will re-watch it again just before installing my Whiteline Rear Swaybar and Whiteline Endlinks to my R in the next few weeks 🙂 Cheers, Don (Perth WA)

  8. Why can't everybody shoot videos like this guy, freaking clear video quality 😎

    What are the things hanging from the 📷 under the car when you were driving? zip ties?

  9. "Barely an inconvenience" Did you steal that from Screen Rant? At least that's where I first heard it haha. Yea yeah just like that!

  10. 034 end link is absolutely high quality. And absolutely expensive as well. Moog end link can also get the job done and in decent price.

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