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Pro Wrestling Hour With Grandma. Ross Bennett

39 thoughts on “Pro Wrestling Hour With Grandma. Ross Bennett

  1. lol
    that took me back… my cousin worked at the pittsburgh station that filmed studio wrestling and my dad would occasionally take me to the studio to watch (since i was around six or seven then, i had to sit in the sound room). i was there when killer kowalski smashed the batman's face into the corner… there was a substance that looked like blood came out of batman's mask (now i know it was probably fake). bruno sammartino wrestled there sometimes too. i remember that the set was small and there were only a few people in audience and the rest were painted on the walls.

    sadly i didn't have grandparents growing up as my parents had me after they were already grandparents but my dad and i used to stay up into the wee hours and watch old movies, i can remember, when i laughed too loud, my dad telling me, ''shhh, you'll wake your mother and we'll get in trouble''.

  2. I laughed a bit more than usual . My Dad was a Navy Chief with 7 brothers that routinely got into fistfights at the dinner table . Momma was a religiously crazed hippie that only allowed me to watch gospel television so it's like a mirror in time .

  3. Being a Christian and a pro wrestling fan this hit very hard and was hilarious! Great stuff. My neighbor probably heard me laughing

  4. That was a good one. That last one with the Gospel Hour & Pro Wrestling merge was the best bit I have seen in a long time. Shades of Robin Williams. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  5. Wow, speaking of grandmas, he looks like my paternal grandmother when she was alive. (Better than looking like her after she died)

  6. He is hilarious. When I return to Utah in May, I want to make a stop at Dry Bar and maybe, just maybe he’ll be the comedian!

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