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Pitaka MagEZ Bar – Magnetic Wall Mount Wireless Charger

Pitaka MagEZ Bar – Magnetic Wall Mount Wireless Charger
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– MagEZ Case iPhone 11
MagEZ Case iPhone 11 Pro
– MagEZ Case iPhone 11 Pro Max
– MagEZ Car Mount
-MagEZ Wallet
– MagEZ Desktop Mount

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27 thoughts on “Pitaka MagEZ Bar – Magnetic Wall Mount Wireless Charger

  1. WORD! Nice to see a proper video about Pitaka products 🙂 ’Been rocking a Pitaka case on my S10e for a while and not yet sure about the car mount being worth the invesment(the phone not falling of the mount by accident because a too eeak magnet) but this video makes me pull the trigger on some Pitaka car products! 😀 The Mag bar seems sick also!

  2. Big fan here from the Philippines. Have you heard about the Soundpeats truengine se? You gotta try and review. You are the only one trust on gadget reviews. I love how realist your reviews are. Stay blessed!

  3. Hey Flossy these pitaka products are sick.!!!!! Wirelessly charge your phones and always know where your car keys are at the same time.
    Thanks man for bringing just the right products to keep us up to date. Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving my man. Peace!!

  4. Hey floss happy holidays to you and your fam and close ones, and the squad. I just saw that Amazon came out w their new fire hd 10 tablet. I was gonna watch the review and I said hold up, if I want a review on this I'll ask floss. So could you do a review on the new Amazon hd 10 tablet? Thanks again for all the great content keeps me awake at work.

  5. YURR ik it's a little pricey and it's holiday time, but could you put up a Google Stadia review? On some Sunday savage shit tho I'll send you a bottle if need be!

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