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Peter Thiel Speaks at Brain Bar

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Do you think technology is overtaking us? Legendary investor Peter Thiel thinks the problem is the exact opposite: general stagnation.

How does Christianity affect the decisions of the world’s most influential venture capitalist? Why does he think that supporting Donald Trump is the least controversial decision he ever made? Why is it important not to rely only on your instincts or science in investing? Watch as he retells a critical board meeting with Mark Zuckerberg in 2006 when they decided not to sell Facebook to Yahoo!

Brain Bar, the biggest European festival on the future brings together the world’s most exciting visions. Brain Bar creates the stage for top trendsetters, decision-makers and challengers to exchange ideas in unusual and unrestrained conversation.

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38 thoughts on “Peter Thiel Speaks at Brain Bar

  1. Peter Thiel does a very good job here. Very interesting. But the interviewer takes way too much attention.. and doesn't make the best out of the moment. What's up with the thug-life-drug-addict posture in the chair. Be present, respectable and cater for a good interview with Peter Thiel. I feel this video is good, only because of Peter Thiel. Anyway, thanks for the video, good value.

  2. it is very obvious that tech is going through plateau phase and are into playthings discovery mode rather then utility yesterday is aw horrific as to how virus's are sent and how sites can crash how even working big grids can crash so maybe what is needed is powerful antidote to that whoever has titanium secure foolproof shields are going to be big winners in that programs which nobody can break in not even in 'botnets' type… it was really very nasty to see it

  3. Steve isn't as bad as the comments are saying. He's surely not a highly competent interviewer but he still got a decent interview its worth watching in my opinion. At least if you're just starting to look into Peter Thiel.

  4. Hello. I am writing from laSexta News, a Spanish tv. We would like to use this video in our news bulletin. Could we use if we mention the source? Thanks!

  5. Minute 37:00, Steve Fuller, know moron, attempts to "educate" Peter Thiel, on something Mr. Fuller can hardly put into words… Steve… please stop talking

  6. Couldn't handle the interviewer…had to stop as soon as he opened his mouth. And stop nodding so much it's distracting!

  7. Why every thing have to come to religion. As an india i think we never think about what will happen with Hinduism it's real & lasted for 20k years and it will stay bcz its you us who can deside what we wants From life. Relax and enjoy the time in earth. No one is going to live for more Than 100 years….
    Because of this thinking cristions (not all) but in good numbers they are converting indians ,africans and so on. But Hinduism never no need to do anything you want you in dont want u can go out still u will hindu. Flexible and thier is no Indian Hindu or foreigner Hindu u will be just Hindu more I know more superior Hindu u will be though u r not look or born in India. ✌

  8. Every time i watch Peter Thiel I'm more amazed than before. I used to think Elon Musk was the most amazing person of this generation. But now I'm leaning toward Peter Thiel. He is so thoughtful and avoids labels with such skill. He says exactly what he thinks and he lets you judge him without labels.

  9. My advice to the interviewer when interviewing some of the stature of Peter Thiel. Wear a decent suit, lace up leather shoes, pressed shirt and tie, no hat or sunglasses, get a hair cut, wash and shave and sit up straight. That is all, carry on.

  10. People need to chill. The host seemed arrogant but he was actually attacking Peter's ideas in order to create a more detailed discussion.

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