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People Swear by Sleeping with a Bar of Soap Under Their Sheets – and the Reason Why Is Genius

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43 thoughts on “People Swear by Sleeping with a Bar of Soap Under Their Sheets – and the Reason Why Is Genius

  1. For bad sunburn I soak a hand towel in milk and witch hazel put it in the fridge for a while it's gross but soothing. Before I put cold towel on my back I saturate my back with aloe gel usually directly from a plant. I got the milk from a home remedies book and I already knew witch hazel is good for burns. Not sure if placebo or just cold but it really helps me.

  2. I’ve been using Ivory soap for years and it’s worked for me so far. I’ve never used lavender soap so I’m not sure how well that works.

  3. Spreading plain yogurt all over your sunburn stops the pain and also,Irish spring soap works great on leg cramps- I have used both for many years.

  4. orajel thats used for tooth pain ,,,also helps stop itching and minor burns and pain,,,try it sometime you get instant relief

  5. I got sun poisoning and my brother’s girlfriend rubbed aloe vera. I woke up the next day feeling so much better. That first early evening I was sick and hurt all over.

  6. Been over 20 years with the bar a soap. It works for restless legs it helps with leg cramps . I found any bar of soap works. A old lady from Plam spring told me about the soap.

  7. I suffer from restless body syndrome while trying to sleep, same as RLS but all over my's miserable..taking a magnesium supp before bed also does wonders..

  8. Yes menthol shaving cream works but doesn't take the heat away. So before this grab a cold raw egg out of the fridge, don't crack it, and rub yurself with the cold egg. The egg will draw the heat out of the burn. Then put it bk in the fridge but only for sunburns never eat it after this. Then smother yurself with the shaving cream. You'll feel much better cuz sunburns suck

  9. Soap in the bed clothes works for leg cramps. It does not have to be lavender soap. Any kind of soap works. Ivory soap is fine. Castile soap. Etc. Don't know why it works, but it does. Voice of experience here.

  10. Is that the Disgraced Dr OZ?
    The sell out, the man behind the Capitalism Green Curtain.
    Yeah l won't bother if you don't mind.

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