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Pattaya Thai Bar LIVE – MLGA

13 thoughts on “Pattaya Thai Bar LIVE – MLGA

  1. So that ding dong CC changed the name of his channel again, he is confronted by a 'Thailand Crine Reporter' on his stream, gets a girl to take him to her place then he bolts when his guardian angel MM tells him he could be in a set up, then goes to his room to drink more, live stream and go on to tell his viewers how He wants to collaborate with a committee of vloggers and how guys like Balder 'don't do it right'….while CC sits in his room live streaming. Wow.

  2. What is your purpose for being there? You expect to live there on the back of people's kindness and stupidity. You are just another Steff,pair of sickening cunts.

  3. An hour of inane mumbling bullshit and a fat face! Wow ,,how entertaining. NOT. A perfect example of why live stream are beyond stupid. Im done wasting my time. When you first started doing vids i thought they were a refreshing new perspective. You must make more money off the drunks viewing on L.S. an exercise in self adulation. Even dumb charlie wised up and cut the rediculous live streams down to a quarter of what they were. Now drag your limey ass out of the drunkfest and do something productive. Im done!

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