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Pattaya ‘Gentleman’s Club’ Bar Crawl

This was a last minute arrangement. I decided to do a ‘Gentleman’s Bar Crawl’ and it ended up being a great night with goof people. Maybe in the high season I will do this on a regular basis so if this is something you’re interested in let me know in the comments.

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33 thoughts on “Pattaya ‘Gentleman’s Club’ Bar Crawl

  1. how about a 2,000, 3,000+ Baht bar crawl challenge with set rules i.e. if you go on the challenge you must finish it and the last bar being the Assienda.

  2. Always found the best girls around LK Metro, New Plaza, Soi Buakhao, and Soi MIT. Don't even bother going anywhere else. And if they smoke, have tattoos, or constantly on the phone, NEXT move on.

  3. Fantastic idea, your vlog leaves me wanting more but of course your only respecting the clubs privacy policies. Looked like a great time. More the merrier (esp a group of white gents) I always say. Very good chance I will be travelling there in late Jan early Feb 2020. Would love to get the details of your plan to launch another Bar Crawl at this time. Thank your for the look into the high life. Cheers

  4. Same happened to me in Irovers . They bar girls are told to only interact with customers only If they buy them drinks .

  5. Minibus is a great idea, keeps the group together and you don’t get stuck anywhere looking for rides. Get a timetable so each bar can get revved up for when your group is arriving.

  6. Looks like it was a great evening! I would definitely be interested in something like this to break up the routine, make new friends, and explore different sides of Pattaya. Looking forward to checking out the Assienda in about a month!

  7. I noticed you took a baht bus to and from Bong Koch 8. Did the driver make a special side trip for you or is Bong Koch on an established Baht Bus route? I’ve visited Pattaya twice and the baht bus network is still a mystery to me lol.

  8. Nice vid, sadly the bar girls get a lot of custom on the cell phones today so i can understand it from their point of view but it does kill the atmosphere for punters sometimes. I am visiting Pattaya in Febs wid a couple of pals and would love to do a bar crawl. I stayed at Suppamitr Villa hotel near Pirates this March, nice hotel. All the best. Enjoyed the play out music.

  9. sadly mobile phones are the way it is going the world has changed and the reason girls follow the money phones generate this the future is not bright

  10. Brilliant idea Nick… I would pay money for that … Youre expertise & know how would be worth a few quid … The "Craic" would be mighty…. Me & a buddy will be over in January so lets book it & you can show us all the Hot spots…. On one condition mate… The dinner & ALL the drinks are on US … Otherwise Im not goin … Theres serious potential in this my friend … Well done for taking time out to do this… Youre a busy man these days… Best vlog in ages … Cheers buddy…

  11. Im coming to Pattaya over Christmas and New Year. First time in 10 years,!! Looking forward to visiting you and The Assenda bar for some craic and a wee drinkie or two!! Id love to join you on a bar crawl. See you all soon!!

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