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Pattaya Bar Girl Returns To The Village!

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Ever wondered what happens when a Thai bargirl returns to the village. This week a Pattaya bar girl returned to the village, and I was able to to see how the locals reacted to her. don’t forget to subscribe here

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34 thoughts on “Pattaya Bar Girl Returns To The Village!

  1. think erryone in that village (*includ. elders) already know how she got the $$ and already accepted it (*maybe as soon as she left the village 6 mos. bfore), so not surprised that they (*includ. elders) didn't talk 'bout how she got the money & gold!…..they were all just content with talk'n 'bout the family's new found wealth, and maybe how they can get a piece/morsel of it (*they bein' thai)


  2. Reminds me of a story I was told of a gay Thai man who had an English boyfriend. The Thai man also returned to his village and soon became aware of a English man living in his village. He was quick to say hello and to say " I just want you to know that I'm the only gay in the village"…..this story will only make you laugh if you have watched TV series of Little Britain.

  3. the sad thing is that many girls in Pattaya are very arrogant, rude and brash these days. That was 15 or 20 years ago not so extreme like now. Maybe it's because some girls had bad experiences with farangs, i don't know. But that's the reality 😭

  4. That's why parents like female babies, first chance they get, its off to the bright lights, and she is a source of income, these lot are only jealous they haven't got a source of income, the whole of Isan is suffering as the money trail is drying up, best of luck to her

  5. She has seen a hole in the market that men are willing to pay good money to fill. It's not just Thailand women tend to realise what there wourth even in marriage a female will use her charm and cavitys to her advantage. After all we are only animals and monkeys are often seen trading sex for bananas, no different to us and as long as its done willingly is there really a problem beats planting and picking rice under the hot sun for certain so don't judge people it's there life, body and sole.

  6. I guess we've all got to make a living. Question here I think is how discrete or not her return to the village was. Probably in this case OTT. Most girls prefer to go home quietly and then slip away unnoticed. Don't think she's doing her family status any good even with the new motor bike and pickup.

  7. I can totally understand the village elders showing distain for her lack of humility. If she stays humble nobody cares where she got her money. Sorta human nature.

  8. It's up to her Thai culture….many girls go back to there villages but leave there sexy bar
    clothes in a big bag at a friends.
    Then go back to the village's in normal clothes we under play wealth in the uk
    but Thais don't it's called face.
    The old saying you can take the girl out of the bar but you can't take the bar out
    of the girl.
    Pattaya is finished my friends girls are to greedy exchange rates low and the
    Thai people are getting sick of the ideots expats.
    They know the good ones from the bad but in the end let the girls be what they
    won't to be.

  9. Her life, if not her it would be another, and as for the village don’t think they won’t profit from this lifestyle the girls lead, this has gone on since early sixties, I have just returned home from Thailand, Pattaya has a minimum of 250,000 girls working in bars / massage parlours, it’s away of life and very easy monie, good look to her

  10. I met Apple I Chiang Mai in a massage parlour, 52 years old now.She told me never been in Patty and never been married and no children 😁but maybe there are more than one Apple in Thailand 5555

  11. I lived all over Asia for many years and know that humility is a huge part of the overall culture, likely going back even before Confucius' era; thanks for your insight since I was only in Thailand for my honeymoon + a short vacation..

  12. The only thing she has done differently from many thai girls is that she didn't marry the old farang, she just got/is getting the money for services rendered and retaining her independence. It is more than likely that she will return to that profession rather quickly because her family are probably both needy and greedy and also, she seems to be good at her job, which is keeping men happy. Good luck to her and let the buyer beware!!!

  13. She was causing others to lose face because they didn't have what she had. She was also causing herself to lose face with showing off her tattoos and they felt shame for her.

  14. Please don't forget, more than 80% of the bargirld in Thailand is Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar, (some percent is also from Vietnam). And they have has a same problem as expat regarding to overstay visa after our immigration is very strictly to taking care legal visiter as well.

  15. She'll be back at the bar. She got a taste of that life. She going to think her village is boring now and don't want to live the village life anymore. She'll be back working at the bar.

  16. Thai culture is not Western culture. We can't pass judgement on others, as everyone has their own shortcomings both personal and cultural.

  17. Seems like most people are more interested how might they improve their own lot in life, rather than passing judgment on her… In the end we all realize and reflect on our own decisions in life, and why and how we could not or would not pursue this or that in life… As to demonstrate our own virtue…

    I seem to recall the saying “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.”

    Very Wise indeed…

  18. The middle class Bangkok Thais are correct about village girls. These women are stupid to the core and selfish to the bone. No financial acumen when it comes to investing in land, condos, or the stock market. Foreign men who go with them are as dumb as they are. I retired at 59 as a result of sound financial planning and can now watch this freak show from my condo in Jomtien. Break out the popcorn!

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