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Parenting 101. Collin Moulton

31 thoughts on “Parenting 101. Collin Moulton

  1. Seen this bit many times, just cant get enough, hilarious. Gonna find some more stuff of Colins now, that ive also seen many times before. Thx Dry Bar!!

  2. I get the bit about kids going "stupid." My son used to use "shut up" when he'd get really mad, because he'd been taught that we should tell people that.

  3. Sketches like this make me very glad my husband is an atypical man. The garage is his space, sure, but he's the one who gets the kids up and ready for school… with no input from me. Maybe it's because he tested as being somewhere between "gifted" and "genius"?

  4. If your child is doing something that he is not supposed to do just start recording and they will change their behavior because they want to look cool on the video. My nephew does not being recorded when he’s mad so I pull out my phone anytime he’s missed behaving. Now remember I am not a parent so I cannot be called a bad parent

  5. When I was little I would ask for a puppy and my mom would say you have one (talking about my little sister) she eats off the floor poops on the floor bites us and refuses to brush her teeth. She still says I have a dog and she’s about to turn 11 I don’t think I’m ever getting a real dog

  6. Lol. You're so wrong dude. The guide book to proper child upbringing is the Bible. It's all in there. Believe it or not.

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