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Original Mars bar bell ringer ad

35 thoughts on “Original Mars bar bell ringer ad

  1. There's a different song in 2014 and it's killing me 'cos I can't remember who does it. Can see the video where they have a dance off in an old warehouse. Somebody help….

  2. There here now! here the best candy bad ever will I like the German candy bars as well there Great Stork and Riter Sport. But The Mars Candy bar is back after the long wait 15 years now its back by Popular Demand!

  3. Hate to be a spoilsport, but these bells chime. They don't go 360 degrees and so would be quite hard to get airborne with them.

  4. Now come on, you have to admit this has got to be the best Mars Advert ever done. How many Monks do you see going round Jumping up and down in the air ringing the bells to House Of Pain?????

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