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Only Hong Jin Young Can Control Kim Jong Kook [Running Man Ep 396]

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49 thoughts on “Only Hong Jin Young Can Control Kim Jong Kook [Running Man Ep 396]

  1. jin young laughter was all I need throughout this Luxury vs Shuddering package. I can't get over with her being seductive and charismatic with that swiss guy up the mountain lmao

  2. Some of the fans of jongkook should respect jinyoung and not make a bad comments about her even if you don’t like them together because it’s their own will. if they get married together who cares it’s fate you don’t get to decide because it’s their own choices. They have their own mind and body they know what is best for them. We can only watch and support for their decision. (My own opinion❤️❤️)

  3. I did realize Jong Kook and Jin Young always be paired up in every episode..

    And i really love it their interaction💕

  4. Sometimes i find somin annoying..haha was trying to be funny while dancing but she always butt in.. attention seeker much

  5. Is there any one notice that when the game start in this episode jong kook is being so not like him, he let jin young take his name tag so easily, he just standing there and do nothing, not even try to avoid. Honestly I expect him and jaesuk or ji Hyo be the leader of each team, but he just let jin young take it, I just not expecting he being like that in the game, bcoz for me he always play a game with 100% energy. now it's look like jin young is his weakness. I don't know I just so surprised when watching it. 😅😇.

  6. This is why i love rm so much , its like they just having conversation with each other and it doesn’t feel forced or something and just pure friendship 😭

  7. Jong Kook said that he is crazy if he date hjy hahahahahahah because he know if he date her he become crazy and hjy is not a good match for jong kook oppa any angle

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