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Onision Vs Chris Hansen (Belle Delphine ARRESTED!) Cole Carrigan Vs Austin Mcbroom & Natalia Grace

Welcome back to the Rep Reports, we have a fully loaded episode with Onision Vs Chris Hansen, Belle Delphine being ARRESTED and MORE! 🔥
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42 thoughts on “Onision Vs Chris Hansen (Belle Delphine ARRESTED!) Cole Carrigan Vs Austin Mcbroom & Natalia Grace

  1. UPDATE* Belle Delphine may be trolling about getting arrested, it's not been confirmed but looks highly possible. REPSQUAD BESTSQUAD!!!!!!! post the Repzilla emoji in the chat please 🦖thank you <3 Topics go to Instagram:

  2. Natalia could still be a scary 16 yr old. Also regardless of if she’s 22 or 16 she’s certainly not 8. Still the adoptive parents will be at fault. At the same time, how where they suppose to know her age given the conflicting reports from drs and the orphanage?

  3. New subscriber. I just wanted to say your closed captions choices are the! Are they all fan submitted? Your fans are pretty awesome in that case. Thanks for the accessibility y'all!

  4. I apologize if this has been answered before. I came across your video because YouTube recommended it to me. I've been following the drama following Onision, and I cant get over the fact that YouTube is still allowing him to have a platform let alone monetize his videos. Why do you think that is? Is it because of the money he brings to YouTube? That's the only reason I can think of.

  5. Oh no by Onion boy's logic we're all still in High School! WATCH OUT everyone he might try to groom us in to being his twisted little sex slaves!

  6. Considering the source, The Daily Mail, I wouldn’t put a lot of stock in the Mom’s claims or DM’s interpretation of those claims. When I hear Daily Mail, I hear National Enquirer.
    Grain of salt.

  7. the problem is not that we are in high school or not
    the problem is that his fans and the girls he likes to date are in high school

  8. Apparently his patreon is 18+, but multiple people have recorded the group discord and several members admitted to being underage. Yikes.

  9. My friend is also my cat. He likes everyone but he won't take anyone's shit. Not even mine! I feel that he is a great example of a good friend.

  10. I mean even if Natalia is 16 she could still very well be a violent sociopath..
    The whole story is very confusing I'm not completely convinced that she is a child. Regardless if she is that doesn't mean that she can't still be violent

  11. Honestly if I was Onision and I was innocent I would have done the show and done everything to clear my name and the fact he refused and threatens to sue them if they make allegations.shows just how guilty he is! And his response video to these allegations he treats them as a joke! Why isn’t he in jail?! He’s so guiltily!

  12. Why is he so obsessed with Shane still omg it's so infuriating Kai could die his hair orange and Greg would be like Shane Dawson has an orange cat and he abused that cat …. What a stretch every time he is so jealous that Shane has risen up and he has fallen.

  13. Attempting to engage sexually with anyone below a certain age is messed up regardless. In Germany the drinking age/consent age is significantly lower than in the USA. It’s screwed up no matter how you look at it. I know that some people who prey on younger people use that fact to argue that “it’s not that bad” to have encounters with significantly younger people.

  14. Love your work! Quick suggestion, when you put somthing on the screen (like a screenshot of texts, for example) or a pic could you please keep it up long energy enough to pause? A half second is a little too quick. And maybe put a 'pause' sticker on the screen if you don't read it aloud. Also, is there a filter we can use or some kind of way to know if we're being fed information through visual & sound..i don't like being brainwashed? This goes against universal law of free will, & these methods are cheating. If their 'religion' is so powerful than why resort to trickery ? I believe in finding truth on our own accord, it's got to resonate

  15. "Every horse shi*gt accusation on the MAP"? As in the Minor Attracted Person crap that's everywhere online? Coincidence? I think not!
    (To clarify I am joking. How messed up is it though that the internet is trying to make pedophilia socially acceptable)

  16. LMFAO Onion boi literally talking about how he treats girls, acting like this is how the girls “treated” him. Lol okay Greg.

  17. Waiiitttt……
    If Austin were really victim of extortion, why he didn't came up with what so called receipt, or a screenshot of cole trying to extort him or any different other way of "extortion". Im not saying cole is right at this, people know human heart could be so dark. But this austin case were so confusing.
    I dont know, it just my opinion.

  18. I want a mug with the rep report in font that looks like either x-files logo or newspaper type font like courier etc. maybe the flip side have a pic of Greg with a tie & glasses/hat like a business cat w a Clark Kent /old school reporter type theme.

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