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Official Ron White – I Got Thrown Out of a Bar

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Ron White tells us about getting thrown out of a bar in New Your City, clip also known as “They Call Me Tater Salad”


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48 thoughts on “Official Ron White – I Got Thrown Out of a Bar

  1. Drinking in public is the best …
    Some friends, many beers, Sun and then walking through nature meeting with many other young people on a field.
    In Germany we have a holiday for that.
    You guys are missing out…

  2. Man I miss tater. And the tater salad bit. The wholesome comic era. He was my favorite of the Blue Collar boys.
    They call my son Tater Tot.

  3. Transwomen Ejected From Bar Cry Discrimination, Bar GIVES Them Their Profits??!

  4. Don't feel bad , I think I was escorted out of a few bars up there.What is up with them Yankees??? Actually I have always been treated well in New York City .God Bless New York City!!!

  5. Hammond, Louisiana. 8/23/19. Cate Street Pub. 4 bouncers and a police officer hurled me out of the bar. Still recovering. Had to come back and watch this skit though. Fucking classic 😂

  6. Hello sir! Happy to be a subscriber to your YouTube Channel. You're a funny man. I enjoy your comedy. Best wishes to you and your family. Hope you get to come do a show in my hometown of Paducah, KY. sometime soon? I'll be there! Love to meet you and shake your hand after the show!

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