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NSV LED Light bar for the Toyota Tundra Install Steps

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Table Of Contents
00:00 – Introduction
00:41 – Make sure you have the correct Instructions!
01:09 – Disconnect Battery
01:23 – Hood Vent Removal
02:15 – Light Bar Installed in Hood Vent
06:04 – Running the Wire Harness (Inside the Truck)
09:14 – Running the Wire Harness (In the Hood)
10:22 – Pinning the 12 pin Connector
12:20 – Installing Bar on the Truck
13:25 – Connecting Harness to the Battery
14:36 – Connection the Bar to Headlights
17:10 – Driver Side panel Wiring
19:40 – Center Console Teardown
20:12 – Switch Panel Set Up
23:24 – Switch Panel Wiring
25:18 – Reconnect the Battery
25:31 – Output / Results

In this video, Chris will be doing a full install of the Toyota Tundra Hood Grille Knight Rider NSV LED Light Bar!

If you have ever thought that it was hard to see at night, your truck is missing some style, or you are just bored with the traditional standard look than this light bar is for you! Make sure to check them out on our website, give us a call (218-755-5200), or send us an email (!

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28 thoughts on “NSV LED Light bar for the Toyota Tundra Install Steps

  1. I love that light bar but I don’t like flashlight just need light bar only u another the same that light without flash light?

  2. Came hear just to get a reply from the company about how people afford things that are important to them. Im a tundra owner, they are crap off road. Majority of these trucks will never leave pavement. Lights are offroad use only. If a thousand dollar off road light is important to anyone with a "off road" vehicle with 2 open diffs. Save that money for a lsd, or a starter, or tires,or air bags, or a bed cover, or a new driveshaft, or seat covers, or a decent sound system, or better brakes.

  3. These lights really push legality. DOT law says you can have one set of low beams, one set of high beams and one set of auxiliary fog or driving lights on the front of a vehicle. Where does this fit in? It’s certainly not the low or high beams, which are factory installed in the headlight housings, and it’s too high to be fog or driving lights.
    In other words, it’s an extra set of lights, illegally mounted for street use, that will primarily be used to blind other drivers. Great product you’re selling. Hope it’s being sold for “Off-Road Use Only”.

  4. Geeezzz, it does look great i admit, mostly just on, not sliding left to right, but what this hood scoop air opening came down to be used for. They really suppose to be covered on road, they not suppose to release inspection sticker if not for obvious reasons…. It is really nice sleek spot for offroad trucks light, instead of ugly retrofit box on roof, i'll give it that

  5. Nice quality lights, but I would not spend $1K on a light bar even if I had the money, drop the price to under $500 I would consider it.

  6. As a public service you ought to note what is hopefully obvious, the light bar section should only be used off road. Seeing the brightness in your video it appears that section would just about vaporize the retinas of an oncoming driver on the road. Already have seen people mounting super bright light bars up in their truck grills and using them on the highway in normal traffic. Waaay too bright for on road use. Thanks

  7. Y'all notice that if you said anything about the price, the company gave you the same smartass reply. Lol .. look it's almost comical. 3 times I believe. They know it is way overpriced

  8. I have a question maybe yall can help. I bought a 2007 dodge durango and the factory housings are really faded and I would like to upgrade them and go to led bulbs throughout the suv. I looked on yalls website but couldn't find anything for the year. Any suggestions or tips are gratefully appreciated

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